A passion for wood since 1965

Family, health, respect, and audacity: values we take to heart

Nicobois is a forever evolving business whose goal is to always do its best for its clients and its employees. As such, we never hesitate to question our methods to keep up with changing market demands. In combining our will to always improve, with our versatile and highly qualified production and management teams, Nicobois has what it takes to be among the best in the industry.


Nicobois, a Canadian manufacturer specializing in wood components, more specifically: chairs, seats, stools and tables, has made it its mission to:

  • Design innovative and customized manufacturing solutions for transforming and processing wood.
  • Manufacture superior quality, durable products at a fair price.
  • Always do our best for our clients, the environment and our employees.



We encourage an attitude of unity with one another by helping each other meet challenges, by highlighting our successes, by supporting one another through difficult times and by being understanding of each person’s personal and family obligations outside of the work environment.


We treat all members of our organization (managers, subordinates, colleagues, clients, suppliers) based on the principal of “treating others how you want to be treated” and as such, maintain this approach at all times and during any and all circumstances.


« A healthy mind in a healthy body”; it is easier to perform in all aspects of our lives when the body is in a healthy condition. Let’s make safe and responsible choices in our lifestyle.


Let’s dare to take on difficult challenges, push our limits, think outside the box and do better!