About us

Nicobois’ history

Founded in Nicolet in 1965, Nicobois initially specialised in the manufacture of hand-sanded wooden door handles. Over time, the company developed new promising niches, thanks to its leaders’ vision. The company has constantly grown, as reflected in four extensions made during its 50 years of existence. In the early 90s, Nicobois’ first succession of leaders invested in appropriate equipment to manufacture solid wood seats and tables. In 2002, to meet the growing market demand, the company founded its subsidiary Les fabrications Sedia, where chairs are manufactured. Nicobois’ group has a strong reputation of reliability on the market; since 2012, a second succession of leaders also supports the company’s operations in order to be firmly focused on the future.

Thanks to its advanced equipment and highly qualified staff, the company now offers high quality wooden chairs, seats and components to residential, commercial and manufacturing sectors.


Nicobois, a Quebec-based company, is dedicated to manufacture durable and high quality products. Mainly built out of wood, the products are always offered at a fair price to a wide range of customers, from individuals and manufacturers to commercial and institutional sectors. Nicobois seeks clients’ commitment, promotes their fulfilment and aims to always do better for its customers, the environment and its staff.


Nicobois, a key economic driver in the area, is renowned to provide quality products and services to customers and quality of life to employees.

Our values

Family : We work together to support each other to face challenges, celebrate our successes, support one another when something fails and understand personal and family responsibilities of each employee.

Respect : We treat every members of the organisation (bosses, subordinates, colleagues, clients, suppliers) in the way we would like to be treated, at all times and under any circumstances.

Health : We believe in the adage « a sane mind lives in a healthy body »; it is easier to perform in every area of our lives when the body is in a healthy condition. Let’s make safe and responsible choices in our lifestyle.

Boldness : Let’s dare to take up hard challenges, push our limits, think outside the box and do better!

« There are the values we stand for: family, health, respect and boldness »