Nicobois and its advantages

Value analysis service

With the client, Nicobois uses product analysis and design methods, which allows getting the best relation between the client’s needs and the product or service costs. In the end, we’ll offer a fair price while meeting all the requirements.

Experienced and qualified practice staff

Our versatile production team always makes every effort to offer a product that meets your expectations.

Multidisciplinary team,
where managers complement each other

Three key factors lead our company to success: wise process, procedures and financial management. Thanks to the synergy between its leaders, Nicobois is one of the most dynamic and successful company in the market.

Organized business that offers a flexible
machining service tailored to the costumers’ needs

Thanks to passionate leaders, dedicated staff and efficient production equipment, you’ll get a professional service, where our performance meets your requirements. Let us put our best foot forward!

Unique expertise in the manufacturing of wooden seats

Nicobois is one of the largest wooden seats manufacturers in North America!

« A renowned expertise and a professional service offered for more than 50 years »