Take advantage of Nicobois’ state-of-the-art machining service while also receiving technical advice from their experts who will evaluate your wood furniture project.

Sub-contracting offers several advantages for many businesses

In theory, a company decides to sub-contract when it wants to benefit from cheaper labor. The same is true when it does not have the know-how or technologies required for production or when it is unable to meet an increasing demand. Sub-contracting thus frees the company from the constraints related to hiring. In addition, they can avoid having to invest in the purchase of equipment necessary to see the project through to completion. It is important to note that the company that chooses to sub-contract has a responsibility in the event of failure or if the quality of their product dwindles. It therefore has an invested interest in choosing a reliable sub-contractor.

Nicobois has specialized in the manufacturing of chairs, seats, tabletops and wood components for over 55 years. Their expertise and ultra-modern equipment set them aside from the rest. In choosing an established company like Nicobois for your sub-contract, you are adding value to your supply chain. Not only do they offer a state-of-the-art machining service, but their knowledgeable experts will give you valuable technical advice while evaluating your wood furniture project. One of Nicobois’ missions is help you reduce your operation costs, increase your productivity and diversify your products all while receiving the best quality price.

Reducing operation costs: Investing in equipment to fulfill subcontract work is no longer necessary, with Nicobois.

Increasing your productivity: You will benefit from improved division of labor and therefore, optimize your specialization. Your company will have more time to focus on its research, development, and innovation by delegating the manufacturing of its products to Nicobois—an expert in the field.

Diversifying your products: In choosing to partner with Nicobois, you can more easily diversify your products without having to invest in the equipment to do so or even, the know-how to see it through. Nicobois will make all your ideas come to fruition. 

Getting the best quality price: Nicobois’ specialized equipment significantly reduces production time directly reducing the cost of production. Furthermore, highly qualified workers result in higher efficiency. The end result is a solid, high-quality product and a fraction of the price.

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